For those that have been already dispersed and continue wreaking havoc, I would work towards solutions on making them less dangerous or not at all. 1. I would try to put an end to human suffering . He can be lured away from his right path by the prospects of material gain or other earthly considerations. Mine would skilfully miss mist of its targets. Who are you really? 7) A tent is easy to carry and set up. Thus Hitler and Mussolini were able to exploit the best scientific brains to their own advantage and to the misery of mankind. Originally, I imagined a robot that could tie my shoelaces. You start growing up and understanding your physical qualities and understanding the importance of looking good. Through harnessing the powers of nature and using it to the benefit of humans and other living organisms, a lot more can be accomplished. What happens if Virgin Sulphate is heated. Entire world respects and recognizes the strength of India. grille salaire convention collective industrie pharmaceutique 2020; qui est la femme de benjamin baroche; It would have no wheels and no gas, just air. Thus Hitler and Mussolini were able to harness the best scientific mind to their advantage and to the miseries of mankind. No matter how much I may agree with their personal opinions deep inside me, I would not use science to aid them in accomplishing their mission. These cases have been the cause of prolonged arguments and debates about the justification of the goodness of science and the negativity of its badness. Science plays an important role in every little detail of our life. If I were a scientist, I would discover all the secrets of nature. Becoming a Scientist is my ambition because becoming one would help me in bringing out a solution to some problem in the society. It's all about lifestyle. 8) It protects people from heat, cold, rain, etc. My vision for India is peace, prosperity and truth. Moreover I would pray to God to remove deadly diseases Science is an abstract and is a non-human force and it is only the scientist - the human embodiment of this mighty force - who can determine whether it will be the benefactor or the destroyer of mankind.ch_client="Thangavel1";ch_width=550;ch_height=250;ch_type="mpu";ch_sid="Chitika Default";ch_backfill=1;ch_color_site_link="0000cc";ch_color_title="0000cc";ch_color_border="ffffff";ch_color_text="000000";ch_color_bg="ffffff"; My Ambition : Essays : School Essays : College Essays : English Essays, Essays : School Essays : College Essays : Essays : Articles. If I were a scientist let me think. The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. Scientists conduct research in all fields of science, including physical, mathematical and social fields. India i, Education should be free for everyone The word education is derived from the Sanskrit root "Siksha". It is a systematic knowledge and its discovery has revealed the mysteries of nature and harnessed its amazing power. You look out for a role model a wrong model can put your life in jeopardy. Also, I would curtly refuse to let my discoveries be exploited for immoral or unjust purposes. I will strive to be an ideal scientist, a sincere seeker of truth. That's the most important part of science. Also read: 10 Lines on Evelyn Glennie in English Also read: 10 Lines on Furniture in English Also read: Essay On Our Aim Zero Harm Also read: Essay writing on reading habit Also read: 10 Lines on start-up India for Students and Children in English Also read: 10 Lines on Gram Panchayat in English Also read: 10 Lines on Thor in English Also read: 10 Lines on Memory Card Also read: 10 Benefits of Green Coconut in English Also read: 10 Benefits of Cardamom in English THANK YOU SO MUCH, My vision for India in 2047 postcard "Our pride for our country should not come after our country is great. But while people talk and argue for and against science goes on taking long strides, blissfully ignorant of praises or abuses. to invent remedies for deadly diseases like AIDS and cancer. I will be a worshiper of truth for the betterment of mankind. How can I be useful to humanity? Your projection should be uncensored and have a unique voice and tone to it. If I were a scientist, I would like to be independent of powerful business and industrial magnates who try to exploit scientists for their own selfish ends. if i were a scientist, i would inventporter plainte contre son frre pour harclement moral. Posted by michael on Thursday January 15, 2004 @09:19AM from the working-yourself-out-of-a-job dept. 0 0 Similar questions Would you like to be a rebel? by. Jealousy and the desire to climb to the upper social strata often get the better of mans nobler emotions. Welcome to Sarthaks eConnect: A unique platform where students can interact with teachers/experts/students to get solutions to their queries. If that's necessary, but I don't think it is. If business and industry can be selfish, government and states can be far more treacherous. England and the U.S.A. to invent new machines of death and destruction. A dream is always something precious to the people who saw them with open eyes and not with closed eyes. It is science that brought the truth out about these essential facts and thats just a small piece of what has been accomplished by science. According to investigators, a 29-year-old young man strangled Botikov with a belt during an argument and fled. khloe kardashian hidden hills house address Danh mc However, if you are familiar with science and have goals that are headed towards a scientific career, it wont be that hard. Davy Madame Curie, Fleming. Not all of science is the same! How can I be useful for the conservation and If I were a scientist I would create some type of time portal to travel to the past or future. In every minor detail of our life science plays a very valuable role. I don't mind, because I'll just correct them. Not if it causes people to read the actual science and learn the facts. In 1875, Alexander Graham Bell developed the first telephone. Carlie Mullins compare contrast douglass malcolm x, Appropriate Diction-Practice Exercises w answers(1).docx, Question 11 A manager of a shipping department was concerned about an order that, to be incorporated within that particular memorialization of Empire that passes, Galvanization is a process in which a layer of zinc A Bending B Rusting C, In Class Activity - Estimating Coefficients.docx, Any failure by our variable interest entities or their equity holders to perform, Applications barriers the applications didnt exist for any competitor to be able, If 5 6 2 then x is closest to a 097 b 109 c 054 d 105 e0 75 5 Suppose an, The Importance of Partnership Working.docx, Makala Frank - English Colonization docs.pdf, As the blasting was only carried out during lunch hours the nuisance to the, Becoming_excerpt_English_1110_McCormick.docx, 59 Assume an American and a European put option on the same underlying stock the, introduccin-a-la-teologa-zoom-oct-2018.pdf. And companies sell more, improving the economy, hiring more people, and life goes from "bad" to "good.". I would find out where the world ends, where the sky begins, where galaxies meet and what lies out there beyond black holes. Thus there is every possibility of misuse and exploitation of science for personal and selfish purposes. Would be a worshipper of truth for the good of mankind. Nothing more! Dr. Deborah Birx, who was the Trump White House's Covid coordinator for the first year of the pandemic, told CNN on Tuesday morning that reports that one of the Department of Energy's National . I would work round the clock I would invent medicines that would make and old age worth living. Could you hack it as a scientist? The name for this marvelous invention - well, i'm torn . Do you remember the three things a scientist does? Easy View solution > If I were a scientist, service to The examples of Edison, Galileo, and Newton will serve as an inexhaustible source of strength and inspiration for me. Are you willing to spend equal time learning and proving you learned what you learned? In the past, neuroscientists had established that there were three protective membranes between . That is, to teach. We all should work together to achieve it in the next 25 years. Parents also refuse to understand this phase of the child. My vision for India in 2047 is that India should be free from corruption, poverty, illiteracy, crime and everything that India is lacking. generalkiddo 3 yr. ago. future vision remodeling Nos guides; adrian college women's hockey roster Le Blog; frankfurt to berlin high-speed train Slection de la semaine; when did hurricane isabel hit virginia Contact; I would jealously assert and guard my birthright to explore the hidden avenues of knowledge without any let or hindrance from society, State or government. Our Country in 2047 will be what we create today. I am also not in favor of government control. Pure science is a relentless search for truth for the discoveries of the mysteries of nature. If you were a scientist, which field would you most like to work in? What the scientist discovers in the seclusion of his laboratory after years of research comes to have far-reaching result in our practical life.If I were a scientist, I would like to be independent of powerful business and industrial magnates who try to exploit scientists for their own selfish ends. if i were a scientist, i would invent. Normally, every human being is desirous of Buress, plenty and prosperity. We use cookies to make sure you have the best experience on our website. But while people talk and argue, science goes on taking long strides, blissfully ignorant of the praises or the abuses heaped on its head.If I Were A Scientist, I believe that we are suffering from the effect of a little science badly applied and the remedy is a lot of science properly applied. . The earliest evidence of horse riding has been found in 5000-year-old human skeletons from south-east Europe. While applied science and pure science are different, neither is more important. Students are going to be the future citizen of the country- so it is the duty of the teacher to harness their capabilities in making the future of country bright. Easy Solution Verified by Toppr If I was a scientist, I would like invent a door that would take people anywhere in the world. If I were a scientist I would invent a car that would run on air. What would you invent? brian oliver, aequitas,
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